Stagiair(e) Insights

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Your function

During your internship you will support BrainSells consultants in collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data. You will be directly involved in strategic assignments for our clients, both fast-growing startups and large (online) corporates. You will follow the entire BrainSells process from the start of problem analysis to the implementation of the solution. You’ll learn all about our unique neuromethodology that synchronizes branding, digital and sales.

What will you do

  • You go online. Deep, deep, into the caves of the Internet. ‘Desk research’ we call it. A different case for each project.
  • What you have found in terms of relevant text, visuals or moving images, you know how to report deftly. Whether in Dutch or English.
  • Workshops or seminars about this? You know how to do it.
  • Everything that is said about this in progress talks, sessions and workshops, you easily convert into a report.
  • Desk research is ultimately done for a higher purpose: our strategy and creative consultants. You support them in this.

Who are you?

  • Preferably you are in the final year of an HBO or Master. You can come to us with a lot of studies. With Business Administration, for example, but if you can convince us that Physics shows much better results, be our guest.
  • The news of the day devours you. And at home from the couch you regularly leave the participants of “2voor12”, “Per Seconde Wijzer” and “De slimste mens” miles behind. From history to current events. From rock-hard engineering to soft studies. You want to know it all.
  • Numbers, letters, images. You find the common thread.
  • Your Dutch is top notch, your English convincing enough.
  • You are an approacher and can fully focus on a project. Pragmatic and flexible. And you like to be sociable. As a matter of fact, so do we.
  • Last but not least. You just as easily step out from behind your screen to present your findings to a larger audience.

Our quid pro quo

  • All of your colleagues are easy to get along with.
  • So do all our customers, for that matter.
  • Speaking of which, they are all interesting customers – national and international.
  • Your internship compensation is market based.

Where do you work and with whom?

Skills. Experience. Knowledge. That’s all very well, but who am I going to work for? We hear you thinking. And rightly so. You will soon be working at WADM agency. Clients ask us for challenges in communications that they can’t solve themselves or can’t create the resources for themselves. Strategy, Digital, Design and Human assignments. Preferably mixed. We use a variety of practices to do this. Self made especially and laced with neuromarketing. The now famous BrainSells┬« is a great example of this. WADM is multidisciplinary. We help customers grow their business. Companies and organizations consciously choose our approach because we achieve concrete results. Because we make their businesses more valuable. Because we show them what they themselves no longer see. And there. Are you going to help us with that maybe.