Data is King, but the Queen is neglected

Who knows the most about their users? Data is King after all. The competitive battle is increasingly shifting to the battlefield of data. Who knows the most about their target group? Who knows the most about his users? Who knows the most about their prospects? And who is smartest in processing that data?

The battle for data

What do we squeeze out of it in terms of interesting facts that, commercially speaking, we can do something with? What are the strategic next steps to gather even more data? And speaking of battlefields, the battle for the best data engineers and the most outstanding algorithm nerds to make all this possible is not going to be much more gentle and is taking place right next to the main field. But while data is the King, less and less attention is given to the Queen. Indeed, she is in the dungeon. On water and dry bread. As an organization, what do you know about yourself? What do you know how to tell as a company, that is really true, and that is different from all the others in your market? What, let’s use it then, “data about yourself” makes you stand out from the rest?

Be distinctive

In an era when we seem to need to put all our energy into data about our customers, our prospects, our users – our prey – we forget the most important thing of all. We forget to tell people what we stand for as an organization. By the way. On second thought, forgotten is not the right word. After all, we don’t forget. We simply don’t put in the effort to find out what makes us unique, and to tell what we are distinctive about. We are so busy with that all-important data about others that there is no time or money left for our own message.

“We are so busy
with data about others that there is no time and
money is more for our own message.”

A dime a dozen.

A while back there were some frantic attempts and you were thrown to death with the term content marketing. But when it turned out that nobody knew exactly what that meant in practice and what to do with it, we started to focus more and more on more concrete issues. Dates. At least that’s tangible. You can measure that. And send. Target groups that we know everything about are, for lack of better, bombarded with information that we can, without a doubt, call thirteen-in-a-dozen. For the Queen is dead. Long live the King.

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