Here I am, eating a donut

I’m eating a donut’ on Twitter. ‘I like donuts’ on Facebook. You know the ones. You’ve probably seen them pass by on social media. The photos and illustrations that use the same social media to make fun of them. Here I am, eating a donut’, is the YouTube version. Funny indeed. You also immediately have an image with it. And along with me, many others. Because these parody images are usually very popular, given the number of likes, comments and shares that follow.

No relevant message

In addition to the now-familiar maths, these social media mockeries are all too happy to be highly rated with recurring success on LinkedIn, for example. And I do have a reason for that. It’s because the vast majority are unable to come up with something good and distinctive to post. And end up making a fool out of all social media. At the very least, fiercely questionable. On social media. That again. It is – as with all forms of communication – a case of “not knowing what to say. And then a lot of dregs are thrown out. That people do that privately, à la. Go right ahead I would say. But for companies to do that is sad. That people, in the name of organizations, are totally unwilling or unwilling to think about it is saddening. The result? No relevant message and thus mountains of gray non-info. This makes the famous cartoons to be called “fun” and “raunchy. Too bad.

Social media, not for us

It is also for this reason that many b-to-b companies do not even venture into it. ‘On’ social media. Finding it scary. A seven-mile step too far. And then just anxiously proclaim that social media is a no go for business. “Facebook? That’s not for us.” “Instagram? Pinterest? Seriously, what am I supposed to do with that?” Well. For the time being at least, choosing the easiest path and ridiculing it as a phenomenon in its entirety. Out of safety on the – still somewhat – business useful LinkedIn platform. At times still incessantly, sternly and persistently called “Link-ûh-tin.

“It is a case of
not knowing what to say.”

On a pedestal

Instead of vilifying the whole row of social media – out of ignorance or fear – make sure you look for a relevant message to go with it. Something you can use as an organization to differentiate yourself from the rest. Something you can very easily put yourself on a pedestal with and propagate across the board. Also across the full social media breadth. In fact: right there. And yes, the business market. With something that makes you stand out, that you are proud of and which is also recognized by your supporters. Because what you call out must be true. After all, that’s when you earn likes and comments and shares. With a relevant message. “So does that mean that as an organization, I have to first put in the time, money and effort to get that distinctive message above water?” Yes. That’s right. But if you do it right, you get a lot of likes, positive attention, extra fans, more goodwill, more customers, even increased sales and margin in return. But.. Maybe you don’t want to. Of course, “liking” or “sharing” a social media parody picture to all your contacts is much easier.

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