Twice as more productive at a Star Wars workplace

The new place where our in-house strategist Erwin will become even more strategic from now on. More strategic, more creative, more productive. Everything just a bit more. Although a client of ours recently – on seeing the future Star Wars room – jokingly said: “And you’re still being taken seriously?”, we didn’t let that stop us. It has been proven that an inspiring, attractively furnished work environment promotes creativity.

New stimuli

And the greats of the world are an excellent example of that. For example, Google has meeting rooms designed as jungles, beaches, as art galleries and ballparks. For the reason that people become highly creative in a space where they experience new stimuli, according to Csikzentmyhalyi. Your environment also influences the way you work together. For example, at Pixar, Steve Jobs insisted on locating the restrooms in the middle of the building. So that people would run into each other regularly. ‘Just having a chat’. Smart, this Jobs.

Variation in work attitude

In addition, creativity is boosted by diversity in the work environment, according to van Gielen and Maarleveld. Not for nothing, that we ourselves have created remarkably different places within our office. One takes a dynamic aircraft carrier, a calm office forest and from now on office universe in the company of Darth Vader. Different workstations give a different view of the environment and thus provide variation in working posture.

“You spend about 35% of the day with work.
Then you’d better make sure you have a nice environment. “


A worldwide study by HTC shows that an inspiring environment not only makes your employees more creative, but also calmer, more satisfied and happier. Also consider the fact that you spend about 35% of the day with work. Then you’d better make sure you’re in a nice environment. Finally, Simon Moore – psychologist and management director of behavioral institute Innovationbubble – explains that “beauty” leads to stable and positive long-term emotions and reduces negative emotions. So Erwin is unstoppable. The Force is strong with this one.

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