Design templates

Making it your own. With the skills of the master.

Recognizable right? Putting together a presentation with PowerPoint or Keynote and then spending more time on the right form than on the content. You know exactly what you want to say. You would just love so much to have a template that not only makes sure you save time on making your presentation, but also looks sleek.


Sure, you need to be able to get your message across in your presentation. You have something to say. Additionally, if you do it right, your message is part of a larger story. The story of your organization. Therefore, it is smart to use corporate design for this purpose. Then your presentation will fit seamlessly with your colleague’s. It’s easy if your organization has thought about this. With fixed templates so slides are based on your organization’s visual identity. Or that you can create budgets based on templates. Or that you can create internal memos or emails on pre-produced templates. Your message. Within the story of your organization. With ready-to-use documents to get started yourself. How sophisticated is that?

Serious time savings

Making everything yourself with the right look is advantage one. The second identifiable benefit of design templates is pure time savings. Inventing the wheel for the umpteenth time is no longer necessary. How nice it is when there are templates ready somewhere on the server that you can use for a corporate presentation, a product presentation, a customizable budget. How nice would that be? And what a time and money saving it would be? Fantastic right? Time left to spend on content. Or to that phone call with that customer.

Pieces of design for your story

If we have thought about it, you don’t have to. Think of it as building blocks, modules, pieces of design, that you can set up your story with. Making a presentation becomes a breeze. With your knowledge of the product you have to sell and the presentation skills of the master.


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