Motion design

Grab attention with movement.

Motion graphics. 2D animations. Stop motion. 3D animations. They all have one thing in common - if deployed for your organization: they must tell your story. With your brand strategy in mind, literally bring movement to your brand. Your story, in motion.

Bringing your brand to life

Even the smallest motion graphics – moving logos or texts – contribute to your visual identity. In social media, for example. Sure these tiny graphics don’t tell a story but they should certainly contribute to the recognition you are so carefully building with your graphic design. With 2D or 3D animations, you did become a storyteller. Whether this is your corporate story, an explanimation about your services or for the launch of your new product – with motion design you bring your brand to life.

Your story in motion

With motion design, you can do anything. In terms of creativity, there is a lot of freedom and you are not always bound by all kinds of practical obstacles that you can encounter with live-action or video productions. Yet we have produced many scripts, voice-overs, films, edits and online live events. But animations are just as impressive. Without having a big camera crew over. Whatever you choose, motion design lends itself ideally to rapid change, quick deployment and frequent small-scale application. We invent, write, design, illustrate and produce moving stories.

Large or small scale

It’s not just our strategic pathways that get your brand moving. So that’s what we do with motion design. Great storytelling. Telling small stories. It gets people moving.


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