Data Integration

APIs to turn data, into your own big data.

Do you want to link your website or e-commerce platform to the ERP within your organization? Exact Online? Microsoft Dynamics? We develop a variety of custom APIs, the links you need to exchange information between different software systems. APIs allow us to make specific information or a functionality available to your website. Or allow other systems to add information. With multiple links, you turn your data, suddenly into big data.

Benefit for your customer

We can make (almost) all API links. In the last decade in particular, the various techniques and systems have advanced drastically. Very useful for the enrichment of your website or webshop. For example, when performing transactions. But also to retrieve vacancies from your website and use them in external systems, such as an online job board. Your website or webshop should not only offer information or products. It should provide benefit and ease of use. For your customer and for your organization. This can be done with various APIs: ERP (7T, NAV, GRIPP), marketing automation (Active Campaign, Mailchimp), logistics (PostNL, UPS), Market places like Google shopping. But also payment systems like iDEAL, PayPal and Credit Cards. Location-based APIs, administrative links like KvK Online, the usual socials or a link to WhatsApp. A link to make appointments online or even more specifically, an API with the Digital Buyers Register (DOR). Advantage is everywhere.

More grip on your target group

Pull the reins to you with APIs. Apply APIs that exchange the information that will benefit your customer or user. But also, what benefits you as a provider. By creating links with the right systems you make it possible to do transactions faster, work more efficiently, bring costs down or actually deliver better quality. A better grip on your data automatically means a better grip on your target audience. Whether that target audience consists of customers, users, suppliers, or a mix of these. With more control over your payment systems, order system, sales funnel, logistics process, service design or administrative processes, you make your digital strategy more valuable. Moreover, with all the APIs applied, you are much more in control of your sales strategy.

Dashboard full of data

To top it off, as the icing on the cake, we can also add a high-tech data dashboard. To oversee the effects of all those APIs.


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