E-trade, e-trade and more e-trade.

As the owner of a web shop, you only want one thing: a store you don't have to look at. Everything thought out in advance. Everything worked out in detail. Everything programmed seamlessly. So that everything in your online store flies off the e-shelf at a rapid pace. We'd love to hear what you'd like to have fly off the e-shelf. WADM builds web shops with Magento, WooCommerce and Headless Commerce.

One hundred percent control

The e-commerce solutions we build with are the most widely adopted open-source platforms out there. Magento is well suited for serious, complex e-commerce solutions and particularly applied to larger web stores. WooCommerce is the most widely used system, partly because of its user-friendliness. At least in the Netherlands. A webshop plugin developed specifically for WordPress. If you are already familiar with this CMS then this can be extremely useful. And Headless Commerce basically says it all: the front-end (what your visitor can see) is literally separate from the back-end. The benefit? You’re a little more flexible with what you want to do on the front end – with the front end. With all solutions, you’ll have 100% control over your webshop anyway. Do you also want to know 100% of everything about the individual differences between e-commerce solutions? We are ready to explain it all.

Each ambition has its own e-commerce

If you have thought carefully about your brand strategy, you have adjusted your digital strategy accordingly, set up the corresponding website and also have your online marketing and SEO/SEA in order, then you can fully unleash your energy on your e-commerce approach. Indeed, the most optimal approach is one in which you align multiple disciplines. But fair is fair, we also have clients who are starting out with a web shop. There is a matching e-commerce solution for every ambition. What role will the webshop play within your marketing communications? In what market does your organization operate? What products do you sell? How many products are we talking about? What links do you want to make? ERP? CRM? What third-party plugins are needed? In any case, it should be a web store that you don’t really have to look at. But we had already agreed on that.

Apples and pears

There is so much that can be done. And we can pretty much beat this for you. Then you can compare apples to apples and pears to pears. Or rather, e-apples and e-pears.


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