Customer portals

Offer your customers convenience and insight with your self-service customer portal.

If we are already used to digital self-service in our private lives, why not yet in business? Fortunately, business-to-business is also starting to recognize the convenience of self-service more often, and the gap with business-to-consumer is narrowing. Customer portals are, properly, part of your marketing mix. Document sharing. More insights on order history. And automation, more than ever, goes both ways. With a self-service customer portal, you get convenience, savings and it is also a boost to your reputation.

Sell products and reputation

For a client in the medical sector, we developed a customer portal for doctors, surgeons. There, with their own login and in their own digital environment, they could obtain the right information that was relevant to their specific cases in their practice. Not selling products, not e-commerce, just the service delivery combined with a pure form of reputation enhancement. For a supplier of maritime parts and products, we set up – as an extension of the webshop – a customer portal where customers could also find the necessary manuals, demos and background information. The added value of a customer portal is in that “little” extra you can deliver in the marketplace. So a customer portal is not only for customers, but can equally add value to suppliers, users, employees. Actually to all the stakeholders you can think of.

Part of your digital strategy

Digitally, you can go in all directions. As long as it fits with your digital strategy which, if all goes well, you have worked out to perfection. We have developed our own portal for the largest automotive wholesaler network in the world. With this, garage owners in the Netherlands are at their beck and call. With tools, training, on-site assistance, pro-certification, knowledge of legislation. The portal is a sophisticated part of the market approach. We are also an official Bynder partner. Bynder offers solutions for Digital Asset Management, among other things, and as a marketing portal it is very useful for brands that apply media, images and documents broadly in marketing and sales. We provide you with the complete setup of (and support for) these systems.

Websites and portals

A website is not a portal. And a portal should definitely not be used as your website. Two different tools, with their own purpose, that complement each other perfectly.


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