Very close friends with Google.

'I'll just google it.' If you want people to find your products and your company online, you must ensure that you use the same words on your website that they use when searching. With SEO optimization you ensure that your website is more findable for new visitors. Incidentally, SEA (Search Engine Advertising) helps you find those right words. Search Engine Optimization is not only about relevant SEO content. The way the website is put together technically also plays an important role. Just like a good UX ('Does this site make me feel comfortable as a visitor?') and a fast performance ('Does each click immediately provide an image or can I first make tea?').


We’ve always said it: content is still King. And Google is getting smarter about this by the day. Indeed, nowadays, Google not only indexes at the page level, but also at parts of it. But if you stick a bunch of interesting keywords in a row, you still don’t have good text. And Google cannot prevent visitors from immediately leaving the website again if they encounter texts that lack content, that do not inspire, that do not appeal. Google does charge you for it. An additional force to apply is neuromarketing. At WADM, we always consider all thinking styles when writing. Thus, SEO becomes even more valuable.

Under a magnifying glass

Better search engine results yield more on the visitor side. More likes, more fans, more sales, more commissions, more future. The technical performance of the website is indispensable here. Websites need to be faster, more user-friendly (visitors are running out of patience), your site needs to be super fit. Google appreciates it when you have your technical matters in order. You deploy SEO because in addition to (online) advertising – including advertising through Google Ads (SEA) – you also want to organically generate more visitors and achieve higher conversion rates. WADM delivers amazing technical sites whose performance scores each show the perfect contribution to SEO that you can’t ignore.

Pleasing Google

Everything is about conversion. The technical basics should be the starting point, the site should carry the perfect UX experience, smart link building contributes immensely and in terms of content, connecting with the target audience is mega important. With SEO, you are constantly pleasing Google. But you get something in return.


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