Perhaps the best Content Management System.

We can us it to read with and to write with: WordPress. With the user-friendly open source CMS we have developed and produced a wide variety of websites and web shops. One-pagers, landing pages, webshops, corporate websites, social media portals, forum sites, multi-sites. Equipped with dozens of plug-ins (and still counting). A CMS with unprecedented flexibility and freedom. And we make those fully customized to each order. Always.

Content in your own hands

The beauty of WordPress is that people with limited technical know-how can use it easily (our clients) and digital experts like ours can use it to create the most high quality websites. Our sites are used by our customers to inform, gather data and drive further interaction. Almost always applied multilingually and invariably deployed to current online objectives. A website – including a WordPress website – should work for you, not the other way around. Therefore, the website should always align with the positioning of your brand. And on the other hand, as a communication tool, it must connect to your sales funnel and generate conversion.

On growth

As a company, as a brand, you want to constantly grow and the way WordPress continues to evolve every day around the world is a particularly good fit for that. Technically, it stays up to date. Your website can be constantly expanded in terms of structure and content due to the endless possibilities (there are literally thousands of plugins). And well, WADM, of course, continually keeps a critical eye on the brand strategy of its clients. As well as the role of the website or webshop within this strategy. Adding a new section and/or putting an existing section on hold might just fit within the current strategy. And always search engine optimized by the necessary SEO plugins. WordPress, with some 40-45% share within global sites, is perhaps the best Content Management System.

No secrets

Also getting the most out of your CMS? For our UX designers, WordPress is a Valhalla, just about anything is possible. For our digital experts, our front-end and back-end developers, WordPress is second nature, virtually no secrets to them.


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