HBDI® profiles

How we think is similar to how we buy. And that’s interesting.

How helpful it would be to know what your customer would think after you have just given a presentation of your new product, explained your services or laid out a budget. And even better, knowing in advance what the best way is to make that presentation because you already know how your customer thinks. Taking a look inside your customer's head. The funny thing is that you already go a long way by taking a look inside your own head first. With a personal thinking style profile from HBDI®.

Four thinking styles together

Three colleagues were trained by Herrmann International and officially HBDI® certified. As a result, WADM is authorized to conduct Whole Brain® training and provide the well-known, internationally recognized HBDI® personal thinking style profiles, among other things. In addition to assessment tools such as MBTI, DISC or Myers-Briggs that all focus on behavior, HBDI® actually focuses on the four major thinking styles in our brains. This has many advantages. Once you know how this works, you can improve your communication. And with all four thinking styles represented on your team, Whole Brain® collaboration is right around the corner.

Tool for personal growth

If you know where your weaknesses lie, in terms of thinking styles and therefore communication, you can take this into account. When having a super logical thinking style, composing an email that needs to be written with a lot of emotion is usually a tough job. It takes a lot of energy to do so. If you know a colleague who can naturally put more feeling into such an email, don’t hesitate to ask him or her for help. And of course, this also works the other way around. Knowing what thinking style profile your colleagues have offers several advantages. But it starts with yourself. Are you more fact-oriented? Or does the interaction or collaboration actually give you more energy? Do you usually go for a familiar structure and rules? Or does each day start happily anew for you, with a brand new search for creative solutions?

Your own HBDI® profile

Also want to know your own HBDI® profile? Or that of your team? Have our HBDI® professionals give you a presentation on what it entails, how it works and what you can achieve with personal, duo or team profiles. The clear facts that HBDI® uncovers are very welcome to HR managers, production managers, ceo’s, new business or sales managers and all those others who want to make their organization a well-run team.

Certification and copyright

Whole Brain®, Whole Brain Thinking®, HBDI® and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® in four quadrants are registered trademarks and methods of Herrmann International. WADM is certified by Herrmann International Europe in the use of HBDI®.


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