A referee with an understanding of communication is golden.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Mergers. Wherever groups of people "must" come together al of a sudden in a short period of time, a desperate search for cohesion starts. Looking for the binder. Often logic makes it crystal clear why that step was taken at the time but the emotional side is lacking. In such a situation, WADM steps in. As a moderator. Not infrequently at the request of an equity party.

Impartial checklist

While some talk about “merging” and others call it “an acquisition,” there is always a fixed set of topics that need solutions. What should we tell? When are we going to tell it? What will be the message to employees?…. (who might have picked up on something in the corridors already). What answers can I provide the market?…. (where the rumors are already swirling). Between all the parties – who are determined to preserve their own core values – there simply has to be an impartial communication checklist. And we don’t just take all interests into account. But also taking into account all the thinking styles.

And then we move on

Two parties moving forward together. Three parties that must move forward as one. All well and good, but what will they be called? What will the business strategy be? And what will be their common message? What brand strategy will you adopt? Apart from the creative strategy you need to pursue. The moment you merge with that other person, the next trajectory is already in progress. Or in preparation. Or at least under consideration. Right?


Is there a merger coming? A takeover? Or a completely new phase within your organization? And does that situation put all communication (back) on edge? Ask WADM for professional moderating and a Whole Brain® communication approach.


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