Connecting and staying connected.

Getting familiar with the new work environment. Getting acquainted in customs, in procedures, in business structures and in cultures. Making the transition to a new employer is more complex than many realize. But have you ever considered the need for connection during a merger or acquisition? During such an event, a connection has to be made with perhaps hundreds or thousands of employees. At the same time. Then you're talking about the upside-down world: unboarding an entire organization.

From office to remote

Personal conversations always play a big role in performance management, in regular meetings but certainly also in onboarding. Where hybrid forms are slowly but surely gaining the upper hand. Working from home has a huge impact which brings remote onboarding on the rise. So as an HR manager, you need more and more digital strategies and resources. And you can use employer branding to take smart advantage of that. WADM provides the strategy and all these resources. There is much to communicate. Also when we reboard and come back to the office. How did that even go?

An acquisition as the ultimate onboarding

Each new employee needs different information at different stages of the onboarding process. For the best social integration. In such a case, we determine a course of action with corresponding on- and offline resources, often together with HR and marketing. Think of an onboarding platform, vision passport, animations, (personal) welcome videos, social media strategy with corresponding approach, magazine specials or posters. Any form is possible. As long as you communicate. Especially in the situation where it is not the employees who are going to unboard, but rather the new owner who is “coming to unboar”. A completely new organization that places itself like an umbrella above it during an acquisition.

Put energy into your people

It’s always a great comparison: do you put more energy into recruiting or into retaining people? One thing is certain. Connect, bring together, liaise, even if you call it pampering. It is. Oh. So. Important.


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