All the energy you put into recruiting new colleagues.

Indeed, National Vacancy Bank, Monsterboard, we all know them. The possibility to put a spotlight on job openings. What you can't spotlight here, however, is your distinctiveness. Unless the job posting is unique in itself, you disappear in the gray bulk that these platforms now provide. Again, more effort pays off.

Recruit with a story

This is how we managed to find dozens of employees for the new assembly plant in a short time for a proud International in the Dutch manufacturing industry. By applying unorthodox means. For a national consultancy organization in construction and infrastructure, we marketed such a distinctive story that students at orientation days were attracted by the appeal of the story. Obviously a story that is really true. Because the ultimate recruitment is done on the basis of the story on which you also build your brand(s). Your corporate story, the story of your organization, the only reason you do things the way you do them. And with that story in the background, you start recruiting. Whether it’s an ad, an online banner, LinkedIn campaign, your own “working at” website, events, company fairs at schools and universities, taking a bus across the country if you have to. Stick to your story. Offline and online. Leverage the power of your employer branding. Constantly leverage your organization’s distinctiveness when recruiting new colleagues. Apply new techniques if you must. For example, WADM even spearheaded CAMMIO – an award-winning cloud-based video recruitment platform.

No fairy tale

Also show that the message does not stop once the employment contract is signed. Show that your recruitment story is not a wafer-thin fairy tale but anchored in your organization’s culture. By now you have already put the necessary energy into professional employer branding. Right? Make your thought-out onboarding process a clear part of your recruiting campaign. At the front end, show how you will further introduce new colleagues to the rest of your organization. Bringing in is one. Sticking to you is two. After all, what you don’t want is to see your freshly acquired colleagues – who were brought in with great energy – leave again soon because the energy to retain them was lacking.

Get to it

Need recruitment? Put the energy and budget you have available for recruitment not only into the right resources, but also into the right approach.


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