Sales activation

Get your sales team going with a good concept.

Let's go for it. Approach. Initiate. A caller is always faster. That work. Whereas with activation strategy we put down a whole new concept to give the market a big disruption or introduce a new product. There we use sales activation to support a sales team in developing that strategy.

Getting it wrong

In addition to the ingeniously conceived interpretation of a conversion-oriented landing page, DM campaign or sales presentation, the success of an activation strategy also often comes down to: calling. Simply pick up the phone and make appointments. Winning. Apart from various training courses we provide, our sales experts regularly sit next to salespeople, sales staff, or account managers who want to set appointments. For example, to be able to explain that new product to their prospects. Calling – with the necessary interrogation techniques – is a skill in itself. That you are very good at learning, especially when our experts come and sit next to you.

Taking credit

Sales activation means setting goals. If you want to sell so many products, you need as many customers to do so. One in so many say “yes” and so you know how many calls you have to make. Then you also know how many times you need to call and how many emails or DM packets are needed in advance to roll out the red carpet for your story. And so on and so forth. Sales activation is mostly about making hours, checking off lists and pushing through. And taking credit for it. If you manage to achieve the set kpi’s.

To score

We know very well what we ask of you when we support sales activation. That’s why, in the process before – the activation strategy – we are hugely driven to lay down an eye-catching concept to make salespeople’s lives a lot easier. To score.


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