Knowing how it works will only make it more fun.

Whole Brain® and HBDI® profiles are serious business for us, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with them. On the contrary. In fact, you can do really cool, fun and educational workshops with it. Not only presenting a team their mutual profiles, but also introducing the Whole Brain® copywriting phenomenon. Or Whole Brain® graphic design. Or perhaps you want to know how different thinking styles look at one and the same website? Workshops. We have been working on that.

More efficiency with the right words

Almost all the techniques we use ourselves, we can also explain to you. Take copywriting, for example. Your HR colleagues may be writing their own job ads. And there is a high chance that the tender management department will fill the tender documents with texts they have composed themselves. And reports? We all make those by the scruff of the neck, don’t we? Self. But have you ever thought that those texts could be better if you approached them Whole Brain®? We do. We have already proven that we can significantly increase the win rate of tenders. Efficiency gains, purely by choosing the right words.

More experience with the right design

Of course, we don’t just have something meaningful to say about words. Of course, we also have an entirely idiosyncratic opinion about design. And what this means to different thinking styles. Use of color, fonts, why one image works and another image doesn’t. We’ll take you through the way we apply our knowledge of thinking styles to website development. How we make whole brain come back to UX/UI. And what those thinking styles mean for your sales team. We even made training sessions out of some of the workshops. Can you imagine.

Shaking things up

Workshops. We give them standard and custom-made. But always with a touch of humor and a sprinkling of Whole Brain®. To shake things up or enrich knowledge.


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