Business Strategy

Increase business value through smart brand propositions.

Strategy takes many forms, but if there is one form that has a great influence on the ultimate results of your organization, it is your business strategy. Not so much because you can directly manage your sales or get your customers moving straightaway. With a well, thought out business strategy you will position your company perfectly in the market (or markets) you would like to serve. Whereby, step by step, the business value of your organization goes up.

Who or what is your brand

That business value goes up when everything in and around your organization is right. It’s true, that even an unsuspecting outsider sees its literal value. Does your organization form the brand or do all the brands hang under it? Do these brands all relate to each other in a smart way? Are all the brands recognizable or is there some pathetic thing dangling at the end of the line every now and then that is supposed to pass for a brand? Look at your own organization and your own brands as a potential buyer would. And then the question is: are you interesting enough? Is it well thought out or could your brand positioning use some dusting off?

Business strategy is building

So with business strategy, you’re first going to get your brand structure right. That can be very tricky. For the entrepreneur or the management of the relevant company. Think of old grudges, traditions, and “this is how we’ve been doing it for years”. For WADM, this is a little less of a problem. We have no connection with old grudges or “all those years when it all went like this”. Besides, it’s our job. Would be crazy if this was a tough job for us. Sure, there are in-built items and there are trajectories that we need to chew on a little longer. But take it from us, we’ll be going through your collection of brands with a very critical dust comb. In doing so, we naturally take a Whole BrainĀ® look at the various brand propositions. Does it make sense? Does it practically take into account future expansions? Does it appeal, does it feel right? And is it possible to add a creative message to it?

Together with you

Are we doing this alone? No. Together with you and your team. Business-strategy – like all other strategic processes – we tackle Whole BrainĀ® and so we kick off with a delegation from your organization. Good input is good output. We pull all the discussions up. Is this brand even in the right place? Does it have the right charge? Are we now going to shove different domains under one brand? And then what is the name of the entity that hangs above it? Will there be an umbrella or is it already there but we don’t do anything with it? All to ultimately drive up the business value of your organization.


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