Content strategy

Develop relevant content that works for you at the right time.

Content strategy could simply be called your life story. The story of your organization that you are constantly - daily, weekly - telling. With text. With images. With film. With music. With everything you can use to convey what your organization stands for. This goes beyond telling you what products you sell. Way beyond. This goes beyond telling your employees that they are having a great time working. Way beyond. Anything can be content, but you have to give it some thought first.

An ongoing story

Content strategy is actually a very long, stretched out version of your corporate story. An ongoing story. Just as your organization is an ongoing story. With content strategy, you need to keep a close eye on who is going to pick up which message, through what channel. So by far, it’s not just about social media. It’s more than a picture and matching number of lines. Much more. Content strategy covers the entire spectrum of communication tools. And that could just be its own documentary or its own event. Because everything you communicate should contribute to the all-encompassing content – the story your organization can tell. With the emphasis on “can,” because again, telling fairy tales will get you killed.

Content is continuous strategy

So you have to think about it carefully. So what is that message? What stories are involved? What do I want to convey? What resources best fit that message and your target audiences? And because it is a continuous story you are telling, an underlying plan with guidelines and schedules written out in detail is a must. After all, you have to be able to keep it up for a while. At WADM, we also weave in a Whole BrainĀ® checklist, because the content strategy must also appeal to all thinking styles. ‘Am I then going to deliver a message that is the same for years?’ The underlying message, the theme of course, you have to be able to sustain for a number of years, yes. That does work best. And with a bucketful of varied creative translations, that’s always possible. You are constantly recharging your brand with it. Halfway through suddenly stating completely different messages that are opposed to what you were calling out before? That’s not convenient.

Beautiful craft

Need help? Bring it on. Just present us with your challenge. Then we, in turn, take the examples to show that the best way to approach content strategy is in a very structured way, for the most creative results. Storytelling is a very beautiful profession.


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