Digital Strategy

Use technologies that improve your business processes

Websites, apps, e-commerce, they all stem from the realization that at some point in the marketing communications mix, there is a need for digital smartness. For example, we were able to let the visitors of an event have a conversation with our client one-on-one more quickly through convenient data exchange. An amazing sales app from another client provided the perfect support for the sales team, plus a boost to product sales and indirectly led to the acquisition of the entire company by one of the largest corporations in the world. Digital strategy to accelerate improvements.

Data driven

Coming up with something to better link your prospects’ questions and interests to your services. Coming up with something to aggregate all social media real time into one portal. Coming up with something to make young people sponsors when you know they won’t immediately commit for the long haul. Coming up with something to connect separately built country sites and associated PIM systems of a global player into a unique unit. Coming up with something to eventually turn an informational website into a web shop that allows retailers to offer the client’s assortment through an API. ‘Making something up’ in such cases always means data driven. And in our case mostly brand-driven data.

Thinking far ahead

At WADM, the digital strategy always leads to digital solutions that should speed up or facilitate processes. Moreover, it should bring people and products together. Connecting. In sales and in communication. We put the producer in touch with his customers. The supplier in contact with its customers. The organization in touch with its global workforce. With digital strategy, we accelerate brand or sales strategy.

It can go fast

Need help with your acceleration ?Ask us about the examples where we have applied digital strategy. And present us with your challenge. Then we can think ahead with you.


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