Employer branding

As an employer, make yourself irresistible to existing and new staff.

You've probably heard it before: a good recruitment campaign is actually also a kind of corporate campaign. True. And not true. Yes, a good HR strategy contains a lot of elements of the corporate message and that's smart. After all, the distinctiveness woven into the corporate message should, in particular, also attract future employees. And no, because the choice of a new employer is also determined by very practical matters (travel time, job, salary, benefits, growth opportunities, learning opportunities and so on). But. There's an even bigger challenge when it comes to HR strategy: your existing workforce.

Communication with a sustainable perspective

There is no more critical audience to judge your HR strategy – or employer branding – than your own people. They are, after all, on top of it. They are also the best ambassadors for your organization if you have a real, true and inspiring story to tell. With employer branding, you continuously apply the laws of brand strategy but specifically to HR. Again, this is about brand perception. With your organization in the lead. In the organizational culture, in your premises or your branches, in the way you maintain mutual connections, in the way you communicate internally, everything should reflect the story that makes your organization distinctive. This offers sustainable perspective to your people and to your organization.

Recruiting, onboarding and reboarding

The same applies to recruiting new people. Continue to tell that same original story very consistently that makes you unique as an organization. Your organization as a brand. And from the first moment of contact with your new colleague, constantly carry that story. In your recruitment campaign but also during your onboarding program. What does a new colleague need to know in order to feel at home as quickly as possible? Give your internal HR procedures and roadmap their own means of communication. Make sure your new colleague gets confirmation as soon as possible that he or she has made the right choice. When it comes to reboarding – returning to the office more often after a long period of working from home – we can recommend a similar HR strategy.

HR and brand strategy

In practice, it is not always thought about, but from an HR perspective, there is a wealth of opportunities to shape your brand experience in the best possible way. And a strong brand attracts talented people.


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