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Autovakmeester is a nationwide and brand-independent network of BOVAG garage companies that provide affordable A-quality service. The network was launched in June 2018. Autovakmeester evolved from AD Autobedrijf, at the time a somewhat dated garage formula with many opportunities but little charisma. With a background like that, how do you lead a new brand with a new structure to become a national phenomenon?

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The existing formula was in need of a new and improved brand load, brand recognition, brand perception and brand underpinning. WADM was brought in for that. Because without outside help, the same questions kept coming back to the board and members. How should we work on brand awareness? How do we get the organization to be more active? Should the formula be less soft or much stricter? And then what do you impose? In short. There was an urgent need to tinker with a new garage formula.


With WADM’s proven “formula zones” and BrainSells┬« roadmap, you can rebuild a brand formula from the core. How is the brand experienced in the workplace, in the reception area, the building itself and in the periphery? Based on these insights WADM changed the formula name from AD Autobedrijf to Autovakmeester. Existing members were more actively involved. New members have been more actively tracked and invited. The brand underpinnings are implemented throughout. With less non-commitment. Employees are even trained within the formula in selling additional work and service. Communication was tightened on all fronts: inside the building, outdoors, in the region. Online. Offline.


Alliance Automotive Group Benelux retains a soft franchise with Autovakmeester, but a less soft one. The formula offers a look and feel and a range that allows it to compete with any other existing garage formula in the Netherlands. And there are quite a few. When the new name and formula were unveiled (June 2018), a large number of garage companies immediately signed up. In February 2019, Autovakmeester added the 100th participant. A great and quick success. WADM predicted at the outset that the brand name and look of Autovakmeester would clearly meet a need in the market. A strong formula within which participants can retain their cherished freedom.

9,2%Autovakmeester wins award for largest increase in workshop sales in 2021.
165Universal garages have now opted for Autovakmeester in 2021.

‘Autovakmeester closes 2021 with tremendous growth. At the last minute, the 165th car company has decided to take on all the challenges for the future together with Autovakmeester.’

Ton Sieljes, Formula Manager of Autovakmeester

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