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Many contractors often still know Zoontjens as ‘Zoontjens Beton’, producer and supplier of Dreente tile. And that’s fine. But Zoontjens also sits at the table with architects like Coop Himmelb(l)au and Frank Gehry. Thought about the rooftops of Louis Vuitton, BMW and NEMO. That was not visible on the website, anno 2019. The new positioning and brand identity, for which WADM is also responsible, now had to be given a stage online.

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WADM developed a multilingual website for Zoontjens, which fully reflects the new positioning. Features blogs, projects and vision pages. We also developed a calculator tool that serves as an online lead generator. Based on tile length and width, slope type and color preference, the tool instantly calculates the required number of tiles and support systems. Then the tool produces a neat sheet with all the freight data, such as weight and number of pallets.


On the website, each thinking style is activated with different types of information and messages. Zoontjens can thus communicate multi-level online. Straightforward with the contractor. Contemplative with the architect. Calculating with the developer. All together now, on a converting website, anno 2020.

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+12%The new website generates more organic traffic in 2021 than the old site did the year before.
+14%Almost fifteen percent more visitors than before now land on the contact page.

‘Now, more than ever, we feel like making a difference when targeting huge real estate developers, architectural firms, landscapers or contractors in Europe. Our brand story and brand promise are truly differentiating from all others in our industry. This helps us to offer market leading advice about the transformative elevated landscape.’

Paul Heerkens, Managing Director of Zoontjens

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