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RijLESS is a nationwide driving school with 300 in-house instructors. These instructors help nearly 10,000 students pass their driving tests each year. WADM has been working for RijLESS since 2008. With this company’s large online presence comes, of course, a matching website. From the first day RijLess’ new website went ‘live’, conversion rates doubled. What is the driving force behind this success?

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Young people primarily use mobile devices to search and browse websites online. Therefore, WADM adopted a mobile-first approach and made the website function like an app. In this process, the traditional navigation bar disappears and is replaced by a menu at the bottom of the page. This promotes ease of use and increases conversion on mobile devices. WADM has also integrated an online scheduler to request trial lessons directly. All you have to do is enter a zip code and choose a time. You will then receive a confirmation email with all the info about the appointment. And one day before the start you will receive an SMS on your cell phone. It’s that simple.


RijLESS’ old website was too corporate and didn’t fit well with its younger target audience. There was also a separate website for mobile devices which involved double management. The new site was to serve as a lead generator by incorporating an online scheduler. This will increase the total number of requests for trial classes through the website. A lot of organic traffic came to the old website by using an interesting blog. The blog articles provided a lot of information about the driving lessons and the exam. So it was important to share even more driving knowledge in a more striking way on the new website.


WADM developed a new site integrating mobile and desktop while maintaining Google ranking. A modern, visually appealing website that is more engaging to the target audience and has appeal through eye-catching vlogs. The new website is optimized for desktop as well as mobile and tablet. With a clear knowledge center where all questions about driving lessons and exams can be found. From the first day the new website was online, conversion rates doubled. From 1.7% to 3.7% to be exact. The online findability of the website is also many times better. Total organic visitors increased by a whopping 30%.

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