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Everyone at Nautus is committed to the societal challenges municipal officials face every day. Consultancy firm Nautus from Amersfoort helps Dutch municipalities with those difficult issues and realizing the right policies for successful change. The firm has been around for 20 years, and in that time it has managed to gain a prominent place in this specialized niche market.

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But even in a specialized niche market, there can be many hijackers on the coast, and competitors can fight each other out of business. In the niche in which Nautus operates, this is also happening. Not so much that fighting. But many hijackers and a growing number of competitors. And then if you’ve worked very hard for a while on your professionalism and growth of the business and a little less on your marketing, you can just lose that prominent spot. Telling the right story and, more importantly, how to tell it had become a challenge for Nautus.


The solution to such a challenge offers WADM and it is called BrainSells®. With this improbably structured methodology (already used more than 135 times), WADM has not only exposed Nautus’ distinctiveness. But also worked out the creative translation into concept Whole Brain, bringing the new story and look to life immediately. Claims are verified directly with clients of Nautus and competitors are analyzed for their USPs. The result? Razor-sharp reasoning and crystal-clear draft proposals to secure that prominent place for Nautus for years to come.


WADM has an additional step in its method by which all essential communications are substantiated and anchored with planning and all for the next 4 years. This gives the marketing department within Nautus a lot of assurance and support to monitor and achieve the set objectives and KPIs.

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