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AAKO has been trading chemicals since 1945. Founded as the General American Dyes Company, AAKO imported chemicals from the United States for colorful clothing in the gray years after World War II. AAKO grew into a worldwide supplier, agent and distributor of chemicals for cleaning agents, coating, perfume, shampoo, sunscreen, detergents, food, crop protection, animal feed and industrial processes. More than fifty chemical specialists excel at AAKO in finding, trading and international transport of chemicals. With unprecedented precision. And if you’ve been around that long, there comes a point when things need to be upgraded. So after WADM adapted AAKO’s corporate branding to the company’s perfectionism, the website also needed an upgrade.

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The old website was not responsive, attracted few organic visitors and content was not linked to product databases from various international suppliers. Product names, article numbers and compositions differed per brand, making it impossible to search online for all kinds of product information. A website had to be created that fully matched the new corporate identity, would increase visitor numbers and improve user experience, ease of use and interaction. The biggest challenge for WADM was to get more traffic to the new AAKO website and to have visitors land on the right page after searches. Different techniques had to be used for this.


Organic traffic to the AAKO website improves through search engine optimization and online advertising via Google Ads and LinkedIn. Accelerate lead generation and conversion with an online sample automator. With this automator, a sample request is executed faster and fully automated. The complete process has been mapped out with service design workshops. The communication for requests, inquiries, quotations, delivery and after sales has been adjusted, including WhatsApp messages. The website benefits from a smart search bar for products by linking to multiple product databases. The search bar recognizes product names and international standard descriptions of chemicals. A digital transformation that took two years to complete and continues to change and improve on a daily basis.

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1191 Smart and fast search in more than a thousand chemical products and product codes.
93/100 Performance score of the desktop version of the website according to Google Lighthouse.

‘WADM is a very creative and supportive agency. Reliable and works within agreed timeframe.’

Frits Cremer Eindhoven, Vice managing director at AAKO

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