From start-up with smart innovation to acquisition in four years

Health & Biotech
Wurmlingen, Duitsland


At EIT, a Dutch-German company of experienced professionals in the medical field, WADM accelerated the market acceptance of a disruptive innovation. Global sales of a new spinal implant failed to take off. Distributors and surgeons avoided any risk.

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Working with early adopters, WADM has shifted the sales focus from “tech specs” to medical success. Through development of an online app for vendors around the world filled with relevant medical documents. They could easily make those documents available to surgeons on personal websites with data mining.


WADM increased the importance of first-time-right in medical procedures in the brand promise. A smarter and more successful way by which surgeons increase their own success. The distinction with that brand positioning was carried through in all communications. International salespeople were trained and supported with campaigns that appealed to different thinking styles.


WADM made this innovation a personal interest for surgeons in all communications. First, that caused a tripling of product sales. And then for corporate takeover by a multinational for a record amount.

1One universal customized sales app for all international sellers of smart spinal implants.
327%Increased sales of cellular titanium implants after implementing the new communication strategy.

‘I have always believed in the power of Whole Brain thinking, but wasn’t sure an ad agency could apply it properly. Fortunately, I was wrong.’

Hans Eekhof, founder at EIT GmbH

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