The new brand strategy that brought the roof specialist to ‘higher grounds’

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Zoontjens is one of the eleven Dutch companies that are part of the publicly traded CRH, the world’s second largest building materials company. Zoontjens, which began in 1905 as a tile press, now has a leading position in Europe in paving and supplying total solutions for flat roofs. It supplies parking roof, roof paving, and gallery and balcony elevation systems.

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Despite all the previous efforts with sessions, creative minds and strategic insights, Zoontjens’ brand positioning still appeared to be “way off the mark. All the parties Zoontjens engaged in recent years did not have an unambiguous and overarching working method for creatively translating that identity into a desired image. Never mind that these parties created a detailed roadmap to map out what messages Zoontjens needed to communicate at what times or in what ways by what means. The challenge: help Zoontjens get rid of the swing positioning.

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BrainSells is a structured, Whole Brain┬« brand positioning process where the brand – with the right input – gets the creative translation it deserves. There was too little eye-catching communication as products and technology took precedence. As a result, the brand and the organization were not discussed, or were barely discussed. By jointly taking a step back and analyzing the brand objectively again, WADM helped Zoontjens with a clear organizational identity, a derived strong brand image and a clear communication strategy. In short: on to a higher level in terms of appearance and storytelling. Across Europe, get building architects, developers, museum boards and urban planners just as excited as building contractors, superintendents, roofers and roof garden designers.

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The impact and insights of the BrainSells are very great internally. Gone is the frustration and fatigue of the past few years. The confidence in the fact that Zoontjens is on another level and that you have to go above and beyond, has returned. Also external. With “If only the world were twice as big” and the theme “Higher grounds,” Zoontjens once again dares to shout her story proudly from the rooftops. In white papers, in documentation, with animations and on social media. Far above the rest of the market, as befits and fits a European frontrunner.

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12Employees uncovering identity and distinctiveness in a BrainSells® session.
36Roofing concepts for flat roof use that take Zoontjens to the next level.
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‘I like the way that WADM used their BrainSells method to develop a unique branding strategy for Zoontjens. It is very satisfying to receive so many compliments from different business relations. WADM made us aim for higher grounds and made us succeed in that.’

Paul Heerkens, Managing director at Zoontjens
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