Identity design with a royal upgrade

Van Beest
Industry & Engineering


As a world leader in manufacturing high-quality lifting equipment, Royal Van Beest Group, decided to give their visual identity a royal upgrade. Given the company’s centennial and growth, with offices around the world, there was a need for an updated, regal brand look.

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The old Van Beest Group logo had a playful form and product integration but was not distinctive enough compared to the visual identities of the sub-brands within the group. This created confusion between the group and individual companies. The challenge was to restyle the visual identity with more regal and distinct look, without losing the essence and heritage of the brand.


WADM took the lead in this restyling of the brand, with the old vignette giving way to a new, crowned logo. The new design creates a clear separation between the Royal Van Beest Group and the underlying product brands. The distinctive lines, retained from the old logo, have been transformed into carriers of the crown. A subtle marking of the capital B still refers to the old vignette. This logo change brought a regal elegance and clarity to the brand image.


Royal Van Beest Group’s new visual identity givesn the brand a stately and recognizable look, befitting their position as a market leader. The color gradient from blue to green enriches the visual palette without changing the original colors. This makes the new design both flexible and representative for various branding purposes. The renewal honors the company’s rich history and positions the Royal Van Beest Group as a royal and leading player in the international market.

‘You don’t just get the designation Royal. So, as a result of the recognition, the company will receive a new Royal logo.’

Hendrik Kok, CEO van Royal Van Beest Group

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