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Relative to many superyacht builders, Oceanco is a relative newcomer. But Oceanco has since made a name for itself with superyachts that are considered some of the finest in the world. World famous ships like ‘DAR’ (with more than 400m² of glass walls) and the second largest sailing yacht in the world ‘Black Pearl’ have been developed and built by Oceanco. Both ships won ‘Best Yacht of the Year’ at the 2019 ‘World Superyacht Awards’. An unprecedented achievement. Oceanco works with the world’s most coveted yacht designers. Thus, each yacht is custom developed together with the client, with Oceanco avoiding conventions and technical limitations as much as possible.

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An Oceanco yacht can be recognized by a contemporary and idiosyncratic design that is far ahead in terms of shipbuilding and technology. Stepping aboard such a superyacht is a unique experience. That same brand experience is what Oceanco wanted to see on their website. An “onboarding experience” that firmly establishes Oceanco’s reputation. Without sacrificing speed and practicality.

Fragment van Oceanco website Fleet pagina


In order, like Oceanco, to avoid as many conventions and technical limitations as possible, we used online coding that, through animations, makes the “user experience” of the website special. But with that same code, we took the (technical) performance of the website to unprecedented heights. The ‘Swiss army knife’ of javascript (GSAP) takes care of the animations on the website. We also used ‘smooth scrolling’ technique and built the website based on Bootstrap with Node Package Manager and Webpack module bundling. What we are most proud of is that the website loads and works very quickly, despite all the animations and the many photos. The homepage is the most comprehensive page and receives a score of 98 on “performance” and a score of 96 on “accessibility” in Google Lighthouse. Those are numbers to treasure.

Smartphone met mobile design van Oceanco website


Oceanco is a recognized pioneer in innovative collaborations that lead to visually the most beautiful and technically the best superyachts. We went through that same collaboration with Oceanco. As a result, the website perfectly imitates the offline experience of their products and yard in an online environment. The new Oceanco site now attracts more than half as many visitors as the old one, and those visitors also stay nearly three times longer scrolling and clicking.

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97High performance score in Google Lighthouse despite scroll animations and photos.
301%Three times longer website visits due to different scrolling and clicking.
Diverse screens van de website
Black Pearl vanuit een helikopter gezien

‘The next best thing to visiting Oceanco is browsing its just released new website. The viewer can now access and search detailed information with full screen images as well as high definition videos.’

Superyacht Times, January 1, 2021

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