Market launch of US parts giant

Atlanta, GA, USA


NAPA is the premium private label in the automotive aftermarket in America. Also called: car parts for maintenance and repair by universal garages. NAPA is a major name in the portfolio of Genuine Parts Company (GPC), the parent company of Alliance Automotive Group in Europe. Which in turn owns the Dutch wholesaler chain PartsPoint. NAPA came to Europe in 2019. And in 2021 to the Netherlands. NAPA is available exclusively through PartsPoint.

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NAPA is really ‘huge’ in America. A big and strong brand. Heavily associated with American motorsport, such as NASCAR. NAPA is rough and so quintessentially ‘yankee’. But it must also be embraced by the Dutch garage owner and his mechanics. Who might not watch NASCAR every day. And perhaps look at American products through a European lens. NAPA had to be put on the Dutch map in one go. Only one chance to make a first impression…


WADM has completed a BrainSells Launch process with the professionals of PartsPoint. And in doing so, we can learn from lessons learned in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, where NAPA has already been introduced. Clumsily depositing American brand values in the Dutch market would result in a communicative disaster; WADM decided to keep the good things about ‘USA’ and ‘racing’, but to translate that thoroughly to the more subtle Dutch market. The result is the pay-off ‘A driver’s choice’ – referring to the American racing heritage, but also to the cherished free choice of the Dutch motorist.


NAPA got its own face in the Netherlands with car parts wholesalers and universal garages through the introduction campaign of WADM. While very clearly a connection has been sought with the brand in the home country and the other European countries. The messages are tailor-made for the Dutch market and used in a well-thought-out campaign strategy. With clear instructions and training for sales personnel who visit garages across the country in a NAPA race car.

“NAPA is a great brand. A private label with A-brand properties. We are visible all over the country and sponsor races. Something that is normally not thought of with a private label. The NAPA blue/yellow is definitely something special.”

Jan Verbeek, director product management & purchasing of Alliance Automotive Group Benelux

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