One name, one vision and one brand at the heart of construction and real estate



At Brink Group, a number of strategic questions resonated. The group included Brink Management Consulting (guided by WADM in a repositioning of the brand in 2014), Brink Financial Services and Ibis Software. What is the best brand strategy for the group above those companies? What are the market challenges and how does the brand strategy respond to them? And what does this mean for the positioning and charge of the three separate brands?


Internally, this approach provides clarity for everyone within Brink. Ibis colleagues also feel part of Brink more than ever (which was never the case in the days of the ‘Group’). Synergy is growing, becoming more and more visible internally, and cross-selling between domains is being recognized and made easier than ever. With one brand. With one common challenge. And one common story. ‘The beating heart of construction, infrastructure and real estate’ is now proudly proclaimed (also externally).


WADM advised Brink through a brand strategy session. Conclusions: Brink is the joint, umbrella, strong brand; ‘Group’ is no longer communicated in old form; Management Consulting, Financial Structures and Software become domains under the Brink brand; Ibis becomes the name for the software product. New product names have been taken into account. WADM developed a completely new positioning for the Brink brand. And ditto appearance.

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56More than fifty distinctive features were filtered for distinction, salience, and relevance.
262.144Countless possibilities with a design grid that distributes four colors across three columns and rows.

‘WADM helped us with our new brand strategy. It is a very professional organization. The people within WADM put the client first and are flexible in realizing the goals of the client.’

Kasper Nieuwstraten, partner at Brink

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