Renewed branding and positioning for Vitam

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Voorbeeld van de nieuwe visuele identiteit van Vitam op een schutting | Design by WADM


Established in 2003, Vitam is renowned as the first catering service provider fully focusing on healthy and socially responsible food. As a pioneer in offering healthy food in corporate catering, Vitam now operates over 300 corporate restaurants. Daily, Vitam influences the eating habits of tens of thousands of guests, emphasizing on fresh, healthy and responsible eating. All in good harmony with their clients and local entrepreneurship.

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After nearly two decades of growth, Vitam faced a new challenge: a fresh repositioning of their brand. The current branding and communication no longer reflected the unique character and pioneering role of Vitam in corporate catering. Competitors employ similar messages, and Vitam’s image lacks the necessary distinction. There is need for a more pronounced and recognizable identity on fresh and healthy food that entices without being pedantic.


In a BrainSells® branding process with internal stakeholders, WADM has uncovered the unique characteristics of Vitam and translated them into an Identity Scan. Insights from the sessions and the Identity Scan serve as the foundation for a refreshed visual identity and a simplified yet more powerful positioning. Terms like ‘corporate catering service provider’ and ‘entrepreneurial’ make way for ‘conscious catererer’. The renewed vision of ‘Good Doing Food’ appeals to a broad, international audience. WADM has implemented this transformation across all Vitam brand materials, ranging from restaurant concepts, tender documents to the corporate story, and online presence.


The refreshed visual identity of Vitam immediately captivates with its focus on local seasonal vegetables and healthy ingredients. The broad color palette ensures a unique brand presence, suitable for various locations. ‘Good Doing Food’ resonates through its simplicity and recognizability, making the message of health and vitality more inspiring and proactive, and less pompous. This fresh and energetic appearance  emphasizes what Vitam envisioned at its inception and what the brand still strives for today.

Concept design website Vitam | Design by WADM

“Vitam is once again recognizable as the pioneer of conscious catering. A distinctive branding with a fitting promise that accurately reflects our philosophy.”

Corno Stam, CCO of Vitam

Custom data visuals Vitam | Design by WADM

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