Service network of electric vehicle garages

Alliance Automotive Group


Alliance Automotive Group Benelux introduces a new concept for electric vehicle maintenance. Thus, they support the universal garage to be able to service electric (hybrid) cars in the near future. Not to lose that market to the brand dealers – not in terms of hours (garages) and not in terms of parts (wholesalers). But electric cars are not a panacea. The concept doesn’t just focus on electric vehicles; it should support a new generation of cars. For any form or fuel introduced next.

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But what is the next challenge? What’s in store for a garage business tomorrow? And next year? How universal can you remain in the changing automotive landscape? How can independent garages keep responding to yet another new technology time after time? Are they driven to take the next step after gasoline, gas and diesel? Are they ready to tinker with electric and hybrid cars yet? And what comes after electric? What is next?


NexDrive supports specially trained mechanics with the right materials in their expert hands. Trusted service. No matter what. Car drivers can just go to their old, familiar garage with their new technology. With next generation vehicles. Whatever is under that hood, whatever brand is on that hood, no one can force them to drive to the brand dealer for maintenance. They are free to go wherever they want. Thanks to NexDrive and their trusted garage. With trained mechanics who keep up with the latest developments in the new generation of cars. Staying one step ahead of that technology. Thus, their trusted garage becomes a service point for a new generation. Next time, drive to NexDrive.


The design of the new formula has been thoroughly overhauled. With a study trip to Norway where electric and hybrid cars (with government support) have been introduced even further than in the Netherlands. Based on those insights, WADM created Nexdrive. Making the next generations of vehicles visibly welcome at universal garages. NexDrive is well on its way to becoming a nationwide network of certified garages in the Netherlands. Subsequently, the label will also expand to other countries in Europe where Alliance Automotive operates.

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