Social media content design for Nxchange

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Nxchange is an alternative exchange platform that offers a unique financing solution for SMEs in the Netherlands. In the world of traditional financing methods such as bank loans and private equity firms, Nxchange introduces an innovative approach through issuing bonds. The goal is to attract more SMEs in need of financing and to attract investors for attractive returns.

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It was challenging for Nxchange to bridge the gap between the idea “traditional” and “alternative” financing. Even though the platform was growing, it still represents a relatively small part of the overall funding market. Nxchange aims to expand the platform by attracting more SMEs and by increasing its number of investors. Focusing on social media was a step in the right direction, but to be more successful specialist help was needed.


Nxchange approached WADM for assistance in developing a Whole Brain social media strategy. By choosing platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, and implementing consistency in approach and design, WADM helped Nxchange stand out in the digital crowd. WADM’s social media strategy and designs provide an actionable foundation for future marketing efforts.


WADM not only laid out strategic directions for Nxchange, but also developed practical templates for their social media content. These templates are designed in such a way that marketing staff can easily modify and use them. This allows them to respond quickly to current financial developments. With this approach, Nxchange gained a clear strategy, a distinctive design and the flexibility to communicate effectively in the rapidly changing world of finance.

‘We are working hard to further develop the platform and are happy to move away from traditional thinking.’

Marleen Evertsz, CEO van Nxchange

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