Strategy and positioning in the chemical world

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AAKO has been trading chemicals since 1945. Founded as the General American Dye Company, it started out as an importer of dye chemicals from the US. AAKO grew into a worldwide supplier, agent and distributor in no fewer than eleven markets. With a very wide product range for each of those markets. Chemistry is decisive. AAKO has it.

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The opinion is that which chemicals you can supply is decisive. The rest doesn’t matter, it seems. But just like in any market, the rest matters. AAKO excels in chemical knowledge about sourcing, certificates, application and handling. But was not sure how she could show her distinctiveness in the emerging competition. Because this world revolves around chemicals, you would say that it does not matter where the client orders them. The opposite turns out to be true. So how do you position AAKO as a supplier, agent and distributor that is far from average?


The world of chemicals is not your average industry. It is a world of protocols and strict rules where AAKO – without daring to speak out clearly – makes a demonstrable difference. In short, a careful brand in a world of chemicals where care is key. With BrainSells®, WADM has removed the trepidation from AAKO and given the organization the confidence it needed. ‘Chemical excellence’ not only forms the basis of corporate communications, but also supports successful sales campaigns.


Chemical specialists in the center of the country were drawn to AAKO’s new look. And due to the completely changed office decoration, applicants experience the same online (website) as offline (office). AAKO also puts its words into action in targeted sales campaigns. For example, in the market for so-called ‘whiteners’ extra stock is being built up and skilful anticipation of future shortages. So that customers do not misunderstand. The promotion more than achieves the set KPIs and results in a significant gross margin and additional sales of new products. At the Sun Care division, the number of sample requests was drastically increased with an online sample automator. Chemical excellence at its best.

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164% More sample requests processed faster and fully automated.
28/37 Service design of 28 steps in the customer journey with 37 contact moments.

‘WADM is a very creative and supportive agency. Reliable and works within agreed timeframe.’

Frits Cremer Eindhoven, Vice managing director at AAKO

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