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Spine Center Amsterdam
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Spine Center Amsterdam, located in ACIBADEM International Medical Center, is a medical center where surgeons and experts work together in the field of back disorders. Patients are in the capable hands of the surgical team or the various experts in their care network. Thanks to the very wide range of options and procedures, national and international specialists as well as patients from abroad are referred here.

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In the field of general practitioners, gyms, physical therapists, chiropractors, manual therapists, hospitals, clinics, back centers, employers and health insurance companies, the patient must work his or her way to eventually having a pain-free back. In many cases an immense task with painful setbacks and disappointments. In that playing field, it is up to Spine Center Amsterdam to bring relief. With relief from pain as the main goal. But with all these distractions along the way, how does the patient end up at Spine Center Amsterdam? That doesn’t just require the perfect “branding” and digital strategy. A good online marketing strategy also plays a big role here.


People with back pain are looking online for answers. Answers to their complaints or to orient themselves to a specialist. Therefore, WADM website has been primarily set up as an online consultation with understandable content. Visitors who use the complaint recognizer are conveniently guided through the site. Then one can book a personal diagnosis with a medical specialist online. We made the specialists approachable by publishing their resumes extensively and with a personal touch.


With the new site, active Adwords campaigns and social media strategy, the number of patients has doubled in two years. Here the workforce also had to be increased. We continuously optimize the website and optimize all ongoing online campaigns and social posts.

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57%More online visitors after launching the new website and correct keywords in Google Ads campaigns.
-48%The cost per click in Google’s search results is almost half less due to SEO and SEA.

‘One in five back problems is inoperable. That’s why we have a wide range of options and interventions. And we don’t send anyone away. We have the best next step for everyone. We can’t always operate, but we always help.

Dr. Steven van Gaalen, head of spine surgery at Spine Center Amsterdam

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