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Brink is the management, consultancy, and software group active in construction, infrastructure, real estate, and housing. Brink, with its more than two hundred specialists, offers a grip on the quality, the process and the end result for issues that are becoming increasingly broader, more complex and more socially relevant; with an impact on the spatial planning of our country.”


For all conceivable target groups, Brink had to have a new website with a clear message and perfectly articulated services and products. Anyway, WADM was dealing with a merger of what are now separate sites for Brink Group, Brink Management / Advice and Ibis. One new, quality website with a logical structure and fresh look in accordance with the new design.


We developed a new brand website with an integrated work-at-home section. In addition, Brink’s convenient CMS system allows it to create event pages and manage content itself. A website that strengthens Brink’s positioning and can also be linked to Brink product websites.


The new website supports the attractiveness of Brink as a (potential) contractor. Smart filters are used to find and describe Brink knowledge, skills, markets, products, projects and people. So that Brink also becomes more visible and clearly positioned as an employer. In which “personal branding” of all the subject matter and operational experts walking around at Brink not only gives a good idea of the work atmosphere to new employees. It also contributes to the (justifiable) pride of all current employees.

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59%Over half more visitors by 2021 and 39% more organic traffic to the website.
43/1Brink ranks first in Google search results with 43 keywords.

‘WADM helped us with our new brand strategy. It is a very professional organization. The people within WADM put the client first and are flexible in realizing the goals of the client.’

Kasper Nieuwstraten, partner at Brink

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