Stagiair(e) Design

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Your function

If you are a Design Trainee with us, you will be part of our design team and help every day to visually translate all strategic positionings. You co-design. You explain your design choices to your team. You make corrections and prepare files for printing. Or web-ready if it goes to our developers.

What will you do

  • Sharpen your knowledge because you get all the space you need with us
  • You’re going to gain a lot of experience
  • You will explore disciplines within our field
  • Join as many projects as possible
  • Getting started on one of our Macs (but BYOD is also possible).
  • You’re going to try to keep up with our pace.
  • And work under the guidance of a regular supervisor (and specialist) on your chosen direction such as; UX, concept or visual design.
  • Oh yes, and have a very nice internship.

Who are you?

  • Up to date on trends and developments. Cocky enough that you can teach us a thing or two.
  • Adobe has no secret for you, you are familiar with Figma and Midjourney.
  • You unabashedly want to become the best in your field. There is no lack of ambition.
  • The education you are pursuing is absolutely relevant.
  • You are available 5 days a week for a period of at least 4 months. The period is flexible and can be filled in freely.

Our quid pro quo

  • All of your colleagues are easy to get along with.
  • All of our customers, too, for that matter.
  • Speaking of which, they are all interesting customers – national and international.
  • Your internship compensation is market based.

Where do you work and with whom?

Skills. Experience. Knowledge. That’s all very well, but who am I going to work for? We hear you thinking. And rightly so. You will soon be working at WADM agency. Clients ask us for challenges in communications that they can’t solve themselves or can’t create the resources for themselves. Strategy, Digital, Design and Human assignments. Preferably mixed. We use a variety of practices to do this. Self made especially and laced with neuromarketing. The now famous BrainSells┬« is a great example of this. WADM is multidisciplinary. We help customers grow their business. Companies and organizations consciously choose our approach because we achieve concrete results. Because we make their businesses more valuable. Because we show them what they themselves no longer see. And there. Are you going to help us with that maybe.