Content Internship

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Your function

Content. Content. Content. You see content in everything. You’re able to turn anything you come across into stories and narratives that fall right into place. As a Content Trainee, you know what works with creative content. And what doesn’t. You’ll scrape together interesting (self-written) copy, the best photos, the appropriate videos and, together with your colleagues, take care of the posts, feeds and stories for various social media.

What will you do

You work with everyone. Because everyone could be providing the input for you that you need for your content. You’re constantly supporting them in tracking the right texts, images and videos. Constantly. Looking the other way once too often and missing something sublime is your nightmare. You are also responsible for planning the content. That’s very handy. And you pick up the platform communication. After all, your action triggers a reaction.

Who are you

  • Social media holds little to no secrets for you.
  • You are an all-in-one content manager in the making. You produce your own creativity.
  • You invent, you write, you photograph, you film, you cut, you paste, you edit and you publish
  • You are both an independent and team player.
  • Thinker. Thinker.
  • You easily put yourself in the shoes of various target groups.
  • And your training? Media, Information & Communication, Media & Entertainment or CMD, for example.

Our return

  • All your colleagues are easy to get along with.
  • And so are all of our clients.
  • Speaking of which, they are all interesting clients – national and international.
  • Your internship fee is in line with the market.

Where do you work and with whom?

Skills. Experience. Knowledge. That’s all very well, but who am I actually going to work for? We can hear you thinking. And rightly so. You will soon be working at WADM agency. Clients ask us to help them with challenges in communication that they cannot solve themselves or for which they cannot create the resources themselves. Strategy, Digital, Design and Human assignments. Preferably mixed. We use all kinds of methods. Above all, self-made and interspersed with neuromarketing. The now famous BrainSells┬« is a good example of this. WADM is multidisciplinary. We help clients with the growth of their business. Companies and organizations consciously choose our approach, because we achieve concrete results. Because we make their business more valuable. Because we show them what they can no longer see themselves. And there. Are you going to help us?