Online can be a party too

Do you remember? In April of this year we were locked. A lockdown with a curfew from 9 p.m. All catering closed and everyone working from home. Not an ideal time to launch a new brand, you might think. Yet we did it. And very successful.

Live broadcast from a TV studio

On April 17, about three hundred people gathered online on a Saturday afternoon to watch a live broadcast from a TV studio. Together with our event partner N-Force1 , we came up with a way to introduce the new PartsPoint brand live. With all people together, but online. All Alliance Automotive Group managers watched a private live broadcast from a TV studio from home. With varied images, a live band, a talk show host and a drink box that was delivered to your home in advance.

Chat and dial in

In the broadcast, the management told from the studio about the future plans. Viewers could chat and call in to ask questions. Those questions were answered immediately on screen. Filmed interviews with managers and customers passed by. Animations introduced the new name and organization. Gadgets and new clothes were displayed. We toasted together to the new club and to a successful year. And immediately after the broadcast, everyone could chat in small groups via Teams.

“The effect of an online event is much greater
and is more valued than you think.”

Do you also want an online event?

Do you want that too? A virtual meeting? With a tight script you make a special production and your online event will be a great success. The effect of such a meeting is much greater and more valued than you think. Do not wait too long. The halls are empty, but the studios are filling up.

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