Winner ‘Highest Customer Satisfaction 2022’ on Sortlist

There are actually three types of appreciation that you can earn as a communications agency. Admiration for your creative ability, respect for the effectiveness of your communication processes and straightforward appreciation from your clients. At WADM we have all three.

Effective creativity

As a communications agency in the creative sector, creativity is a prerequisite for running around in that sector, though. Without creativity, you are nowhere. We have received the reward a long time ago already. And if we don’t pursue effectiveness, we might as well have founded an artists’ collective. Also a no-brainer as far as we’re concerned. And we have a trophy of this too in our glass trophy case. But that last valuation-focused on customer satisfaction-hadn’t won us an award yet.

We almost have to blush

That customer appreciation is perhaps the most fragile in the list. Continuously balancing on the cutting edge of speed, quality and price. You all know it, that famous triangle. That’s why we’re as proud as a peacock (we’ll keep it clean) to have received Sortlist’s ‘Highest Customer Satisfaction’ Award 2022. Sortlist is a platform that helps for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations select an agency. And on Sortlist, our own clients (we’d like to hug them) have not concealed their appreciation.

What more could you want

On Shortlist we get comments like – ‘I like the way that WADM used their BrainSells method to develop a unique branding strategy’, ‘Dealing with WADM is very pleasant, approachable, flexible and with humour’ or ‘Fun to work with, but also very productive and result driven. That is what I aim for’. BAM! We mean to say. Winner “Highest Customer Satisfaction” of the entire platform. Now that is what we aim for!

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