Social engagement, a no-brainer.

We are engaged in four thinking styles every day. Think carefully each time about communication that should be “whole brain. Then it’s obvious that we naturally put our healthy set of brains to social use. Seems like a no-brainer to us. And as far as we are concerned, an additional in-buyer: don’t put everything on one charity. Spread. What do we think makes sense? What can be practical? What do we shed a tear over? And what triggers our visionary feelers? A mix, in other words. A mix that has been thought about.

Sometimes we put our design skills to work for free or slide a fine piece of writing to charity for free. But it can also be strategic advice, a donation or simply rolling up your sleeves. It’s just what is needed.

Proud supporter of these projects

Heart Work Heroes

Art is always an inspiration to us. And when our path crosses with the path of Herman Poort, saying "no" is not an option. Heart Work Heroes gives people in care the attention they deserve and gets young people excited about the care sector.
Go to Heartworkheroes.com

Rotterdammers for Rotterdammers

Our roots were already in pre-1940 Rotterdam. So we grew up shrugging our shoulders and building things up. R4R is not just about love for the city of Rotterdam. Above all, it is about doing good, for Rotterdammers.
Go to R4r.com

Skateland Rotterdam

WADM is a Rotterdam-based company. From its inception already. And what is more Rotterdam than street culture? That's why we support and collaborate with Skateland Rotterdam. Because we cannot imagine anything more Rotterdam than halfpipes, rails, ramps, ollies and kickflips.
Go to Skateland.com

Heilige Boontjes

WADM believes in a society where everyone has a chance. Heilige Boontjens gives young Rotterdammers with an edge a chance to turn their vulnerability into strength. And that gives their coffee extra flavor. You just taste that at our office.
Go to heiligeboontjens.com

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