Strategy and value creation for a professional club of Rotterdam

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Excelsior is one of the three professional football organizations in Rotterdam. Founded in 1902 and deeply rooted in the Kralingen district. A club with a rich history, also of trial and error from a sporting point of view. In the 2020-2021 season (still) playing at first division level, but bursting with ambitions both on and off the field.

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Excelsior is going through a transition, a professionalization process. But lacked a foundation to build the club on. A yardstick against which all business and sporting developments could be measured. A clear vision and mission and derived from that the core values of the club. The club that is made up of supporters, sponsors, players and staff – as a brand. WADM has been asked to lay the foundation. With deep respect for the past, but also with an open mind to the future. WADM had to expose exactly who Excelsior is and what it stands for in Kralingen.

Het stadion van Excelsior Rotterdam gevel belettering waarop de woorden "SAMEN EXCELSIOR"


WADM has completed a BrainSells Corporate process with Excelsior. Very structured and very thorough, very careful and very directed. Critical sponsors and supporters are involved in the Think phase, as are the policy makers and executives of Excelsior. The matters revealed in the session were carefully tested by a second group of stakeholders and after full agreement on the sometimes bold findings and conclusions, WADM focused on the design of the new Excelsior. In text and in images. And even by muttering the old logo, as part of an integrated and more balanced brand policy.

Een mobiele telefoon die een Instagram-post toont met een afbeelding van een voetballer van Excelsior Rotterdam


The ultimate result is a crystal clear mission/vision document with the unique core values of the Kralingers. Excelsior knows who Excelsior is again. And this approach aligns with all entities and goals that belong to the club. Such as Foundation, Business Club, Women’s Football, Events and E-Sports. With more pride and clarity for everyone. With faster decision-making in the implementation of the communication strategy. And with clear guidelines for employees and third parties working on the Excelsior entity.

468 Words on a poster that very clearly describe the mission, vision and core values of the club.
1 New ‘multiplier’ symbol representing reinforcement, acceleration and improvement in all areas.
Een groot billboard langs de weg met een afbeelding van een voetballer van Excelsior Rotterdam die juicht, met de tekst "STEEDS HOGER - SAMEN STERK"
Drie posters die de geschiedenis en de spelers van Excelsior Rotterdam tonen, met nadruk op de clubkleuren rood en zwart, en citaten die de trots en strijdlust van de club benadrukken
Een reeks posters aan de buitenkant van een stadion met de tekst "WIJ ZIJN EXCELSIOR. SAMEN ZIJN WIJ STERKER" en een score van een voetbalwedstrijd

‘It was time for a central message, from one strong recognizable club with a shared mission and vision, core values and image. Excelsior Rotterdam is now presenting itself as one family again. Together as one club with one look, we can take the next step.

Daan Bovenberg, Director of Excelsior Rotterdam

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