Brand design

Distinctive design brings a brand to life.

Ten to one you've already recognized a brand after only seeing a fraction. At least if it's a well thought out brand design. The use of color. Font maybe. Notable style elements. When it comes to brand design, speed of recognition is an important measure. And distinctiveness is key.

Distinction and Consistency

In brand strategy, we are talking about the ability a brand must have to beat the competition and keep growing in brand equity. By focusing fully on brand experience. That experience comes in large part from brand design. Brand design. But that has to fit with the story the brand has to tell. Our designers are perfectly capable of getting a good sense of how, for example, logical and factual characteristics of a brand are best transformed into the brand’s appearance. How do you shape that? Our talent helps. Of course. In addition, we approach everything Whole Brain. So does a brand. Brand design à la WADM is packed with thinking style tricks to achieve the best, most beautiful, balanced result. Beautiful and effective.

Brand design defines your brand

Every new brand has to grow and good design helps with that. Any existing brand must be able to continue to grow, and that’s also where good design comes in. Brand design of high quality should be able to grow brand equity faster than average. With new brands and with brands that need new life. Building Brand Value. We have dozens of references to show how we handled those stretches.

Shape and proportion

Shape. Proportions. And there are over thirty other measures we put along your brand during brand design. We could just make a handbook out of it.


Other Design