Service design

Designs with the right tone for every customer contact.

Making the customer a king often requires a massive organization in the background. People need to do the right things. Communicating the Right. By the right means. And most importantly, on time. So planning may be the queen of it all. With only one goal: interaction between user and service provider that stands out from anything else. Communication you haven't asked for but are waiting for.

Right place and time

The American designer and architect Charles Eames said it all: ‘The details are not just details. They make the design.’ Putting energy into brand strategy pays off. You are building your brand. Therefore, spend sufficient time on good service design. Because serving your customers at the right time and with the perfect message gives your brand extra credit. After purchase, just that subtle email or sophisticated text message. An invitation accompanied by a handy gadget that – obviously – comes in handy. A smart call in advance. Tips and tricks that go beyond “Did you know that?” after logging onto a landing page. Well thought out service design is perhaps brand building squared away. Designed with the right tone for customer contact.

Like a Swiss watch

The communication tools we devise in service design prefer to work like a military operation. Only then will the details do their job. Start surprising your customers. Surprise Prospects. Pampering visitors. With smart web design, for example, a lot of things can already be structured optimally. With insidiously good graphic design, you bring the needed experience to its place. Then it all comes down to the additional contact moments with your customer. The tone-of-voice and surprise. It feels wonderful, when everything fits together like a Swiss watch.

On a silver platter

Perception of a brand is three-dimensional. Should be able to find you back in really everything around you. In every interaction with your customer. How we do that? Oh, come and see.


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