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Online designs that allow you to create new opportunities.

Will it be mobile first or single desktop? Are you going to show the detailed technical explanations of your products or just your quick service? Will it be a webshop with thousands of products? Are we going to apply a matrix where all product groups, all underlying brands and all markets find each other? The structure of the website is fundamentally important. But once that is established, web design must begin to influence click behavior in part. Attention is about milliseconds, an opportunity or clicking away.

Good design and click behavior

The difference between B2C and B2B websites is getting smaller. The bar is getting higher and higher in that regard. The bar when it comes to holding attention. You get a millisecond to make an impression. And if you are lucky perhaps a few whole seconds to tell your story. Then the next digital acquaintance is already halfway across the screen. So your story has to be right and the design of your website is partly responsible for its success. The success of turning a few seconds of attention, into eight seconds, into twenty seconds, into two minutes. The success that people continue to have after three or four clicks. Web visitors are relentless. Especially in the B2B buying or orientation process.

Web design is brand experience

The website is pre-eminently your own online platform that has to radiate your corporate identity or your brand experience. The fact that more and more is becoming technically and digitally possible for our web designers every day is a great advantage in this regard. Because that’s how we can make that experience fuller and fuller. Bringing even more experience. Visual effects, micro-interactions, micro-animations, the role of website as a brand platform, etc. Where we still take into account fixed values such as: accessible, more interaction, clear, user-friendly, and of course taking into account the power of Google.

Whole Brain on a Screen

Because we also “Whole Brain-proof” websites at WADM, our approach to websites is unique. Our designs simultaneously activate different thinking styles. Thus, web design becomes the key to online success.


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