Creative Strategy

Develop a strategic brand compass for all communications.

Telling the story of your organization is not something you do with words alone. Fortunately not. Because then you would be skipping half of your target audience. What you want to convey to the market must also be done with the right alignment of image, color and sound. Making the most of all senses. Something about missing the intended goal and going wrong otherwise. A picture sometimes says more than a thousand words, doesn't it? Exactly. With brand strategy, we put your brand in exactly the right place for the right brand experience. With creative strategy, we are going to fulfill that brand experience in a matching way.

Judged on your appearance

That target audience of yours has no time at all to hear your story in the first place. Let alone read. ‘They’ do have something else to do. In fractions of a second, you are judged first on your appearance. Nothing human is foreign to us, we could say. But that does mean that that first millisecond is crucial to you. Is the design you use from today or from the 1980s? Are you going to get the message across with the images you are applying now? Does the current font help? Do the colors cooperate or do they run counter to your message? Would you like to know how many potential customers drop out after seeing your outward appearance? Pretty interesting though.


Once you have the right mug, the most matching look, you should keep going. Apply it everywhere. Throughout. Apply in all communications. Sounds simple. In practice, it’s often quite a challenge. Maybe you have dozens of branches all over the country that all have to start complying with the new creative interpretation. Or you have an international assignment. A digital one, for example. It could be that you don’t own the websites of all your affiliated international sites. And therefore they all look different. Well, there goes your international appeal. A creative strategy wouldn’t hurt this at all. If you want to know how we tackled the above challenges, for example, you just have to give us a call.

Creativity pays off

Sometimes you have to talk like a Brugman when you don’t have the backing of a convincing design. Yes, words are important. We know that better than anyone. But with the most optimal creative strategy, you also get to tell them.


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