We help you tell a new story.

It's nice what those boys and girls at WADM come up with to better sell my products. But I can't just reproduce that.' No. We understand that. That's why training courses are so useful. In order to be able to repeat the message that your entire organization is going to proclaim in the coming years. In your own way, of course. But also to practice how you can best use the sales tools that have been devised.

Success through training

Often it is the sales team that we train. Inside sales, outside sales, the sales pitch is par excellence the story where the corporate message should be woven into. And that’s something we also do in Whole Brain® style. When giving training in presentations, for example, we dwell on HBDI® profiles and the different thinking styles. What questions will be thrown at you and how can you answer them in the best way? For an international sales team that was working with a sales app we developed, we explained and trained all the digital components and gadgets step by step. Training is the start of a successful campaign.

Training and tools

The success of training hinges on the resources your team has at its disposal. What communication tools fit the best to the story you have to tell? And how do those resources best show up? Digitally? Can you easily switch from online to offline when needed? Can you leave the customer something? Do you have the latest update available to you? Do you carry various communication tools that allow you to tell the story even better? How distinctive is it so it sticks?

You can learn to persuade

Telling a story takes practice. Even a good story is made even better by it. By training teams using Whole Brain® techniques, there are almost no more questions they don’t know the answers to. With knowledge of all thinking styles, convincing becomes a lot easier.


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